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Giri Balasubramaniam AKA Pickbrain is the Co-founder and CEO of Greycaps. Greycaps is Asia’s largest quizzing company and has hosted over 2000 quiz shows for large corporate entities, educational institutions and governmental authorities both in India and across several global locations.

At Greycaps, research is the cornerstone of all our products and quizzes are no different. Our research process is detailed and exhaustive, making sure that every question is independently verified and corroborated. Our research team works with a wide gamut of corporate clients, researching questions and facts on a variety of topics.

Quizzing Properties

  • Tata Crucible

  • TCS IT Wiz

  • Thomas Cook Travel Quest

  • RBI Quiz

  • Rural IT Quiz

  • NIE Times of India Quiz

  • Times of Oman Open Quiz

  • NSE FUNancial Quest

  • TCS TechBytes

  • UltraTech Stimulus Quiz

  • For queries, please send an email to ramya@greycaps.com

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