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Three lessons of life

By Pickbrain

Life and the experiences it offers are one of the best teachers you can find. While I could possibly author a book on the lessons we have learnt from the schools we work with or the great people we have had the fortune to work for or the companies for which we have created amazing knowledge properties, here are three that I find relevant across age groups and irrespective of your profession.


We are a company that hosts more than 300 quiz shows each year and our books reach more than a quarter million children across hundreds of schools. Honestly none of that comes handy. However big you are, what we have learnt from our experience and practise religiously at Greycaps, is to treat each quiz show like our first and every book we create like our debut. It brings with it the preparation and childlike detailing that one would go into for a first performance. Remember nothing substitutes good preparation.


We live in a world where it is sometimes not about what you do but more about how you do it. This is where being relevant on a consistent basis with the audience you cater to becomes critical. The trick to achieve that is to keep re-inventing what you do. The more you push yourself to reject your own creations the more you will think beyond your comfort levels. It helps you ignite a sense of curiosity with the people you work for, as they look forward to what is new from you. Over time, when you are able to make that a process, it significantly enhances the engagement value that you bring to the table.


As you grow up you will find a lot of people who advise you to follow your passion and make it your profession. The advise is not wrong. However, if you want to pursue your passion as a profession, first be clear what is the difference it can create. Can it solve an existing problem or help make someone’s life better. Maybe you should consider giving it try while working somewhere, especially if you are not sure if the idea can earn you a livelihood. Most important of them all, think long term and allow your revenues to fund your growth. Don’t rush for financial help from others if you are serious about creating something worthwhile.

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